DreamWorks'Shark Tale is set to make a big splash this weekend with a trio of major European launches that should boost the picture's $20.9m international running total (Oct 11).

Shark Tale opened in France on Oct 13 and Germany a day later, with the UK set for Oct 15. The picture should do strong business based on the global appetite for the studio's CG animation, as evidenced by the storming run of its Shrek 2.

That picture opened top in all three markets, grossing $9.5m in 773 French theatres in late June, and $8.8m in 888 in Germany and $19.4m in 512 in the UK in the first weekend of July.

The thriller Collateral, which is handled internationally by Paramount/UIP, was due to open in Australia on Oct 14, and in Spain, Italy and Korea on Oct 15. Strong launches would appear to be on the cards given the global appeal of star Tom Cruise, and the picture has grossed more than $45.1m to date.

Meanwhile Fox International's revenge drama Man On Fire went out in France on Oct 13 on roughly 350 prints and the picture has grossed $24.7m from all its markets to date.

Elsewhere, the distributoris preparing to launch Wong Kar Wai's critically acclaimed drama 2046 in South Korea on Oct 15 on 70 prints. FoxInternational has the picture in several Asian markets and 2046 has taken $1.1mfrom Taiwan and Hong Kong so far.

Latest cumulative totalsreleased by executives put comedies Garfield and Dodgeball on $112m and $43.4m respectively, Spanish drama BadEducation, which Fox Internationalhas in most of Latin America, on $2.7m, and the sci-fi thriller I, Robot on $185m.

Columbia TriStar FilmDistributors International opens the comedy White Chicks inthe UK on Oct 15 on 300 prints and in Spain the same day on 200. The picture has grossed $10.6m to date.

Other industry runningtotals released by CTFDI top brass put Resident Evil: Apocalypse on $37.1m, Hellboy on $35.8m and Anacondas on $16.8m.

BuenaVista International (BVI) opens family sequel The Princess Diaries 2: RoyalEngagement in the UK on Oct 15 on anunspecified number of screens. The picture has grossed $11.5m to date.

BVI executives said TheVillage had amassed $123m to date,while King Arthur is on $139m.

Universal has no majorreleases planned through UIP. Thriller The Bourne Supremacy is on $78m.