Christopher Shaw has beennamed director of international sales at independent production company FullMoon/Shadow Entertainment following the departure of Ed Shields to launch EJSInternational.

Shaw, who has held severalpositions in the company's international department, will remain at Shadow'sHollywood offices.

He will work closely withcompany founder Charles Band to oversee foreign sales of the company's growinglibrary of DVD titles, including Full Moon's signature product the Puppetmaster, Trancers and Subspecies franchises- as well as its new releases.

"Chris has alwaysdemonstrated an outstanding ability to represent us around the world and I'mdelighted to be able to place him in this crucially important position," Bandsaid in a statement.

The duo will also attend allupcoming markets together and plan to introduce a new feature directed by Bandat MIFED in November.

Full Moon/Shadow owns alibrary of horror, sci-fi and fantasy titles and is currently in production onseveral titles to be released later this year.