Shooting begins today in Liverpool on British horror film Salvage, one of the three features commissioned under the Digital Departures scheme set up to celebrate Liverpool's year as Capital of Culture. All three films will premiere in Liverpool later in the year.

Salvage marks the feature directorial debut of Lawrence Gough. The film is scripted by Colin O'Donnell and is produced by Julie Lau with associate producer Alan Pattison. The cast includes Neve McIntosh, Shaun Dooley, Dean Andrews, and Linzey Cocker. The scheme was devised by Northwest Vision and Media with its partners Liverpool Culture Company, BBC and the UK Film Council.

The $493,126 (£250,000) horror yarn explores what happens when a strange container with mysterious contents washes ashore. The residents in a nearby cul-de-sac are plunged into a horrifying world of violence, terror and paranoia. The locals are quarantined by the military and ordered to stay indoors, but a single mother resolves to overcome the odds to save her daughter.

'We were particularly attracted by the Salvage team's seemingly endless enthusiasm for their story, together with the creativity and vision of this young, dynamic new talent. Just as importantly, the film isn't stereotypically Liverpool, but an all-round, exciting feature which I'm sure will have international appeal,' said Digital Departures judge Fiona Gasper, executive director for Capital of Culture.

The other two films in the Digital Departures scheme are Terence Davies' Liverpool-based documentary Of Time And The City and Lindy Heymann's contemporary drama Starstruck. Salvage is the second of the films to go into production. Of Time And The City is currently shooting and Starstruck will begin in April.

Lisa Marie Russo and Chris Moll are executive producers on all three films.