MichaelCaton-Jones' Shooting Dogs won the$100,000 grand prize for best dramatic feature and Matt Ruskin's The Hip HopProject received the inaugural $25,000award for best documentary feature at the Heartland Film Festival.

Shade won the $10,000 Vision Award for best short film, whileproducer Debra Martin Chase, whose credits include The Sisterhood Of TheTraveling Pants and The PrincessDiaries, collected the Saab PioneeringSpirit Award.

Thehonour was handed out in recognition of Chase's creative spirit in filmmakingand for continually supporting Heartland's mission to honour filmmakers whosework 'explores the human journey by artistically expressing hope andrespect for the positive values of life.'

Thefestival started on Oct 19 and runs through to Oct 27. For more details visit www.HeartlandFilmFestival.org.