Germany's Antonio Wannek, the UK's Lucy Russell and France's Rachida Brakni are among the up-and-coming actors and actresses being feted at the Berlin International Film Festival by the Shooting Stars initiative for promoting European talent.

Oscar-winning director Istvan Szabo will introduce the 17 young actors and actresses to the press and public during their stay in Berlin. The showcase, run by pan-European promotional organisation European Film Promotion, includes Jeremie Renier from Belgium, Denmark's Maria Wurgler Rich, Greece's Athena Maximou and Lindsey Harris from Ireland.

Iceland is sending Margret Vilhjalmsdottir, while Fabrizio Gifuni represents Italy. From Luxembourg comes from Luc Feit, while Fedja van Huet is from The Netherlands and Maria Bonnevie from Norway.

Also selected are Portugal's Carla Bolito, Tuva Novotny from Sweden, Michael Finger from Switzerland, Spain's Enrique Alcides and Hungary's Marcell Miclos.