EXCLUSIVE: The slasher film stars Tara Reid, Nathan Jones, Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley.

Charlie’s Farm tells the story of a 7ft tall, 375-pound killing machine – played by the Mad Max: Fury Road actor Nathan Jones – and his ruthless encounters with a group of thrill seeking friends.

The film shot in Australia is and directed by Chris Sun. Debbie Rivers, Laurence Duggan and Sean Gannon served as producers.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be in business with Shoreline Entertainment,” said Sun. “Morris Ruskin was the first person to truly believe in me, my films and what I can do as a horror film-maker. I can’t wait to make more films for Morris and Shoreline Entertainment.”

The premiere is scheduled for November 15 in Australia with Reid, Moseley, Jones and the rest scheduled to attend.

It opens in Australia on December 4. “We are currently still in the process of locking in Australian screens, but we are looking to be able to screen in a minimum 100 theatres to a maximum 150 theatres,” said Sun.