Shoreline Entertainment has sold Fabrizio Prada's Mexican drama Real Time to France's Pretty Pictures, which plansto release the film theatrically in early 2004.

One of 25 titlesShoreline will be taking to MIFED, Real Time was shot in one continuous take andtells the story of five thieves whose greed drives them to turn on each other.

Jorge Castillo,Raul Santa Maria and Laticia Valenzuela star.

The grittyMexican title made the Guinness Book of World Records for cinema's longesttake.

"Real Time is bold, highly original and fun, andthat combination resonates with audiences everywhere," Shoreline's chiefexecutive officer Morris Ruskin said in a statement.

Producers CesarVergara and Hugo Stieglitz plan to open the film on 150 screens in Mexico inJanuary 2004.

Other titles inShoreline's MIFED line-up include the thriller Irish Eyes, starring Daniel Baldwin in a story oftwo Irish American brothers who rise to power on opposite sides of the law.

Shoreline's releases include The Man From Elysian Fields, Lakeboat and The Visit.