Morris Ruskin's Shoreline Entertainment acquired worldwide rights ahead of Cannes to the comedy West Of Brooklyn and action adventure Serbian Scars.

West Of Brooklyn is directed by Danny Cistone and stars Ronnie Marmo, Natalia Livingston and Joe Mantegna in the fish-out-of-water story of an Italian American who moves from New York to Hollywood.

Serbian Scars by Brent Huff stars Vladimir Rajcic, Michael Madsen and Mark Dacascos and follows a soldier whose brother who may hold the key to a devastating weapon.

Shoreline's director of acquisitions Brandon Paine and director of worldwide distribution Sam Eigen negotiated the West Of Brooklyn deal with Ronnie Marmo and his counsel Wendy Marmo, and the Serbian Scars deal with Rajcic.

The company's Cannes slate includes the heist film High Life that is currently in production and stars Timothy Olyphant and Joe Anderson.