Things get interesting overseas this weekend as three films will attempt to overthrow Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.

Buena Vista International's (BVI) adventure has ruled the waves for the past three weekends and has the wind in its sails after crossing $500m in a record 20 days.

BVI will look to the Jun 13 launch in China - the last US film to open there before the annual summer blackout of Hollywood release - and solid holds elsewhere to boost the $512m international running total.

However At World's End has inevitably slowed down and a fourth consecutive weekend at the top may prove an adventure too far in the face of stiff competition.

Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) Ocean's Thirteen demonstrated that, like its predecessors, it has the chops to perform strongly overseas and should build considerably on last weekend's impressive limited launch.

The caper has grossed more than $28m including Roadshow territories and opens in Australia, South Korea and Holland on Jun 14.

WBPI's 300 stands at $235.7m, The Reaping has grossed $37.1m including including Roadshow territories, and Zodiac stands at $32.5m and opens in Japan on Jun 16.

Another strong contender for the crown is Paramount/PPI's Shrek The Third, which stands at more than $63.4m in the early stages of its run following record setting launches for an animated film in 12 territories including Russia, South Korea, Singapore and India.

The ogre ventures forth in 13 territories this weekend, among them France on Jun 13, Brazil and Mexico on Jun 15, and Taiwan on Jun 16. Most major markets and almost all of Western Europe are still to open.

Fox International's Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer will pack a punch this weekend too and opens day-and-date with North America in 32 territories.

The adventure sequel takes off in Russia, Italy, Hong Kong and Singapore on Jun 14, the UK on Jun 15, and Taiwan a day later.

Spider-Man 3 has amassed $538.8m for Sony Pictures Releasing International. The distributor's horror sequel Hostel: Part II is in the early days of release and launches in Germany on Jun 14 and Spain a day later. The thriller Vacancy opens in the UK on Jun 15.

Universal/UPI's Hot Fuzz opens in three territories including Germany on Jun 14 and stands at $50.1m.