Warner Bros' on-again, off-again Superman project appears to be back on track asthe studio announced yesterday (18) that it had signed a deal with Bryan Singerto direct.

"We have always been committed to bringing Superman back to thescreen, and we're very happy to have Bryan on board this project," Warner Brosproduction chief Jeff Robinov said in a statement.

"My interest in Superman dates back many, many years," Singeradded. "In fact, it was the Richard Donner classic film that was my day-to-dayinspiration in shaping the X-Men universe for the screen.

"I feel that Superman has been late in his return and it is timefor him to fly again."

Singer scored worldwide hits with X-Men and X2: X-Men United, and has also directed The UsualSuspects and AptPupil.

Jon Peters will produce Superman, which will be distributed worldwide by Warner BrosPictures.

Last week McGbecame the second prominent director to leave the project after disagreementover location. Brett Ratner had previously been attached.