Veteran producer and salesagent Alain Siritzky is hatching a new $5 million Emmanuelle-style erotic drama to shoot in Beijing and Shanghai.

The Mandarin-language drama,billed as "sex in the forbidden city," is based on the hugely popular blogs by26-year-old Chinese writer Mu Zimei. These blogs have now been published inbook form. "I have a job that keeps me busy, and in my spare time I have a veryhumanistic hobby - making love," Zimei writes in a diary which hasgenerated immense curiosity and controversy throughout China.

Intriguingly, Siritzky, whois beginning pre-sales at the AFM, is hoping to make the film with the fullapproval of the Chinese authorities. "We will comply with every rule because weabsolutely want to get authorization for this film in China and to release thefilm through the proper channels."

Siritzky is co-producingwith Jean Chalopin (Inspector Gadget). They acquired the rights together. A young female Chinese director isbeing lined up to helm the production.

"It's a very interestingbook. I perceive it the way I perceived Emmanuelle in the 60s. It's a very feminist book," Siritzkysaid.

Casting has already begun inBeijing. Siritzky envisages that this will be the first in a number of films hewill make and release in China.

Meanwhile, Siritzky iscontinuing to find novel ways to expand the Emmanuelle brand. He recently closed deals with the threeleading French telecommunication companies, Orange, SFR and Bouygues, toprovide Emmanuelle material fordownloading to mobile phones. This will include photos, wallpaper and a softerotic sitcom.