Metropolitan chief Samuel Hadida will receive the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival’s Maria Honorifica honourary award this weekend.

The award is handed out to mark outstanding career achievements and Hadida will collect it on October 10 in the Melia Auditorium before the Official Fantastic Panorama screening of Solomon Kane, which he produced.

The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, which Hadida also produced, will screen in the Sitges Especials section on October 11. 

Hadida and his brother Victor launched Metropolitan with their father in the early 1980s with True Romance. Hadida reunited with that film’s director Tony Scott on Domino.

The company more recently enjoyed critical success with the releases of El Aura and Good Night, And Good Luck.

Hadida was an early advocate of bringing video games to the big screen and has worked with Christophe Gans on Silent Hill and also produced the Resident Evil franchise.

Hadida is working on Resident Evil: Afterlife, as well as an adaptation of the video game Return To Castle Wolfenstein and a Silent Hill sequel.