Star Wars: Episode III -Revenge Of The Sith remained thedominating international force as it swept past $300m at the weekend.

The picture added anestimated $36.5m for a $308.4m international cumulative total through Fox International.Combined with North America, where it reached $300m, the sci-fi saga has soldmore than $600m in tickets worldwide.

Third weekend highlightswere $6.1m in France on 938 prints for $42.3m, $5.9m in the UK on 486 for$60.7m, $5m in Germany on 1,184 for $37.1m, and $2.7m in Australia on 535 for$21.3m.

All were first place holds,as were the following: $2.2m in Spain on 497 for $19.2m, $1.1min China on 450 for $7.9m, $1.8m in South Korea (second weekend) on 295 for $6.7m.

Italy yielded $787,000 on613 for $8.9m and ranked second behind Sin City, whichscored a trio of impressive European debuts.

Kingdom Of Heaven added $3.5m and has grossed $151.4m through allFox International territories todate, including France and Italy through other distributors.

Back to Sin City, Dimension's noir romp, which triumphed in a slew ofdebuts through Buena VistaInternational in the UK, France and Italy.

The picture took $4.4m andopened in second place in the UK, a strong opening that was approximately on a par with The Grudge and King Arthur.

Italy yielded $1.9m, whichis all the more impressive given the heatwave that forced the market down 50%against the previous weekend. Sin City opened in second place in France through Pan-European on $2.5m.

Comedy remake The LongestYard grossed an estimated $3.2m on518 prints through Sony PicturesReleasing International (SPRI) in its first two territories, led by a greatAustralian result that ranked second just behind Revenge Of The Sith.

Australia produced $2.5m on258 prints, equalling The Waterboyas AdamSandler's best openingthere in local currency on AU$3.3m. It was also the third biggest debut of 2005behind Sith and Hitch.

The picture opened in secondin Mexico on 7.6m pesos, which converts to approximately $700,000.

The romantic comedy Hitch opened reasonably well in Japan on $800,000 on 216prints. It has grossed $183.6m internationally.

Kung Fu Hustle grossed $1.8m on 718 prints in eight territories for a $69.1mcumulative score.

Warner Bros Pictures International's House Of Wax added $5.1m on 1,981 screens in 34 countries for a $17m running total.

The horror remake openedfourth in Germany on $728,200 on 269 prints, while the Mexican debut produced third place on $612,800 on 250 prints.

Elsewhere the UK added $988,000mfrom 304 venues on a good 20% drop for $3.8m after two weekends. France added $639,600 and fell 30% for $1.7m after the same amount oftime.

DreamWorks' animated featureMadagascar - which climbed tonumber one in its second weekend in North America - grossed $4.5m from 590 sitesthrough UIP to raise its early international running total to $6.6m.

Six openings were led by asuperb $3m from 290 sites in Russia (including $325,000 from previews) that was expected to finish top.

Turkey opened on $275,000from 112 venues for number one, while Ukraine was the highlight from a slew of Baltic State debuts, andproduced $350,000.

Madagascar stayed top in Malaysia on $260,0000 from 39 for$860,000, while Singapore alsostayed top on $375,000 from 26 for $1.4m. Both results were second weekends.

Sahara added $2.9m on 1,500 screens and has amassed $34.5m through UIP and Summit Entertainment, which opened the adventure in France and Germany.

Sahara opened third in France on $1.3m on 431 prints, and launched in second place on Germany on $1.2m on 511. Russia has taken $2.6m to date.

Universal's thriller TheInterpreter added $2m from 1,200sites in 25 territories through UIP for a $67.7m international running total.

Belgium opened on $550,000from 36 dates, while Germany added $210,000 from 271 for eighth place and $9.2mafter seven weekends. The picture stands at $13.5m in the UK and $7.6min Spain - both after eight.

British comedy The LeagueOf Gentlemen's Apocalypse opened infifth place in the UK on $1m from280. UIP is also handling the Revolution Studios-produced mystery The Forgotten in Japan, where it opened third on $1.3m from 253.