Influential LA managers Suzan Bymel, Guymon Casady, Eric Kranzler, Evelyn O'Neill, Daniel Rappaport and David Seltzer have joined forces to create an as yet unnamed powerhouse management outfit.

A brief group statement issued today read: "The six of us were drawn together by our shared philosophy, values and sensibilities." Before the six came together their roster of acting talent included, among others, Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Salma Hayek, Holly Hunter, Ray Liotta, Julianne Moore and Stephen Rea. The roster of writer and director clients prior to the formation of the company included, among others, McG, Dean Parisot and Gary Winick - the directors behind Charlie's Angels, Galaxy Quest and Tadpole respectively.

Suzan Bymel founded Suzan Bymel Management in 1984 and in 1993 formed Bymel O'Neill with Evelyn O'Neill. Bymel O'Neill merged in 1999 with More Medavoy to form Talent Entertainment Group. Guymon Casady has been a manager at Industry Entertainment for the past three years and before that was senior vice president of production at Propaganda Films. Eric Kranzler worked on the Clinton/Gore campaign before entering the entertainment industry more than 10 years ago and has been with Industry Entertainment for more than five years. Daniel Rappaport has been a manager at 3 Arts Entertainment for 10 years, focusing on the literary side of the business. David Seltzer started out at Columbia Pictures and has been with Industry Entertainment for 10 years, focusing on talent management and film and television production.