The Australian Film Commission (AFC) has lost its head of development CaroleSklan to SBS Independent.

Sklan will be the new commissioning editor of drama for the productionarm of the multicultural broadcaster, replacing Miranda Dear, who recentlymoved to fellow public broadcaster ABC.

Sklan, who remains based in Melbourne, will commissionAustralian drama series and features. SBS often kick-starts culturallyimportant but not obviously commercial features by being the first to commit.Examples include specialist hits Look Both Ways, Walking On Water,Australian Rules, Beneath Clouds and The Tracker. The lastthree all have indigenous themes.

Sklan has been with the AFC for the past four years, where she has oftenworked closely with SBS Independent.

"Carole will be sadly missed at the AFC," said AFC chief executive KimDalton. "However, her new position will once again allow her to work at thescript coalface, which is her first love. Furthermore, she will be working withthe AFC's major production partner and will continue to have a closerelationship with many AFC projects."