UK indie Entertainment Film Distiributors has renewed its pay-TV output deal with satellite broadcaster British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB).

All of Entertainment's UK releases, including New Line films, will air on Sky. The contract secures the UK TV premieres for such blockbusters as Austin Powers 3, Lord of the Rings 2 & 3, Gangs Of New York, Blade 2, About Schmidt, Ripley's Game and Freddy vs. Jason.

The deal ws brokered by Sky's head of movie acquisitions Lisa Macdonald and head of pay per view for Sky Networks Karen Saunders covers both Sky Box Office and Sky Movies.

Sophie Turner Laing, Sky's director of film channels and acquisitions said, "As the UK's biggest indie distributor, combining major box office successes with their commitment to the British film industry, Entertainment is a key player in the film world. We are delighted by the continuation of our excellent relationship."

Sky Movies shows over 500 different films each week across 11 dedicated screens. Sky Box Office, Sky's complimentary pay per view service, shows recently released titles as often as every 15 minutes