Skyy Vodka has inaugurated a short film competition in which finalists have three days to make a five-minute film based on the same script. Entrants to the Skyy Vodka Short Film Project need to submit a videotaped pitch outlining why they want to direct and citing their favourite director. Three finalists will then be chosen to make five-minute shorts that will be judged by a panel of industry professionals.

The winner will receive an ad in a film trade magazine, a DV film package, a screening of the film in New York and a chance to pitch to leading industry professionals and agents. Skyy and partner Shade Of Gray Productions will record the entire process in a behind-the-scenes documentary.

Skyy is establishing itself as an ubiquitous corporate sponsor of cinema and has commissioned a number of short films, the most recent being actor James Woods' directorial debut Falling in Love In Pongo Ponga. Previous directors of Skyy short films include David Veloz, who made Permanent Midnight, Luis Mandoki, the director of Angel Eyes, and Undone director Kandeyce Jorden. Last year the company staged the second Skyy Vodka Short Film Awards.