Slovenian filmmakers HannaSlak and Damjan Kozole have each been awarded one of the Euros 25,000 CineLinkAwards donated by the Sarajevo Film Festival, Kodak and Austrian film labSynchro.

The international jury ofPhilippe Bober, Hashemian Behrooz and Cedomir Kolar chose Slak's Teabecause it "carries a distinct author's style and exudes freshness andcreative energy. Hanna Slak has a chance to make a film that combines the bestof regional identity with universal accessibility." The Euros 1.5mproduction by Slovenia's Gustav Film already has A Atalanta (Slovenia) and BAM(Macedonia) attached as partners.

The jury described Kozole'snew film The Dark Side Of The Earth as "a mature and ambitiousproject, whose combination of stark realism with surrealistic elements makes itunique and distinctly recognisable." The Euros 2.8m production by EmotionFilm has partners lined up from Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia -Herzegovina.

Slak and Kozole's projectswere among eight by South East European filmmakers selected for presentation atthe second CineLink co-production market during the Sarajevo Film Festival inAugust .