UPDATED AUG 12: Sony’s The Smurfs 2 came in above weekend estimates, scoring $35.3m in the second weekend to boost the international running total to $110.7m. Brad Pitt recorded his biggest North American and global hit as World War Z reached $500m worldwide.

Pacific Rim added a confirmed $31m through Warner Bros Pictures International from 7,600 screens in 61 markets as the cumulative score climbed to $245.6m.

  • UPDATED: Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) executives said The Smurfs 2 played on 11,077 screens in 65 markets led in the second weekend by a $3.2m hold in France in second or third place on 690 for $8.6m.

The family release added $3.2m in Germany on 1,075 for $8.8m, $2.8m in Russia on 1,072 for $9.9m, $2.5m in Brazil on 790 for 8.6m, $1.9m in Mexico on 1,533 for $8.3m and $1.8m in the UK on 819 for $9.9m.

The blue horde brought in a further $1.4m in Spain on 687 for $7m, and in a pair of mighty number one holds, $1.1m in Belgium on 146 for $2.4m and $988,987 in Peru on 185 for $3.5m. Argentina stands at $2.4m.

SPRI opened Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 follow-up Elysium on 2,046 screens in 17 markets for a confirmed $11.2m result. Russia led the way on a terrific $7m from 1,400 that produced a career-high for Matt Damon. It generated a record IMAX launch of $6.1m, of which $1.2m came from 50 international screens.

  • UPDATED: Turning to Pacific Rim, Guillerno del Toro’s sci-fi epic added approximately $20m in the second weekend in China to reach $74m and rank as Warner Bros Pictures International’s biggest release in the territory after 12 days.

The sci-fi opened in Japan on $3m from 580 screens heading into the Obon holiday and opened in second place in Brazil on $2.3m from 540 and in second place in Spain on $1.4m from 513.

Pacific Rim stands at $20.5m in Russia, $18m in South Korea, $15.5m in Mexico, $12.4m in the UK, $10.1m in Taiwan, $9m in France, $7.3m in Australia, $6m in Germany and $4.9m in Malaysia.

The Conjuring came in significantly higher than Sunday’s estimates, adding $11.7m from 2,595 screens in 17 markets to vault to $49.3m and delivered a number one $1.5m debut in Argentina on 140. The UK’s second weekend added $2.5m from 452 for $8.9m. Russia has generated $8.8m, Australia $6.6m, Spain $6.3m, Taiwan $2.3m and Germany $2.1m. The horror film opened in Singapore on $1.1m from 31 including previews to record the biggest weekend for an NC-16 film.

  • UPDATED: The Wolverine added a confirmed $18.9m through Fox International from 9,138 screens in 66 markets and stands at $197.1m to leapfrog X-2: X-Men United’s $193m and rank third in the X-Men franchise behind X-Men: First Class on $209.2m and X-Men: The Last Stand on $225m.

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters launched on $9.8m from 2,717 screens in seven markets led by the UK on $3.3m from 492 and Mexico on $2.7m from 1,685.

The Heat stands at $45.4m and DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo a relatively early $62.2m with Italy and Australia to come followed by most of Europe in October. Epic has reached $144.2m.

  • The Lone Ranger crossed $100m following a $14.5m haul through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Internatioal that boosted the tally to $108.9m. The Western opened in France on $3.3m, Germany on $2.8m and the UK on a lacklustre $2m. Monsters University added $8.2m for $376.9m.
  • UPDATED: Universal Pictures International’s Despicable Me 2 grossed a confirmed $12.6m from 5,756 theatres in 54 territories to soar past $400m and reach $408.1m to rank as the third biggest international performer of the year-to-date behind Iron man 3 and stablemate Fast & Furious 6.

There was a $1.1m number one launch in 32 sites in the UAE, a superb result that produced the studio’s biggest debut and the biggest animated opening weekend in the territory so far in 2013.

The family release added $1.9m in Germany on 980 for $30.3m after three weekends and has reached $30.8m in France after 39 days and $62m in the UK after 45.

R.I.P.D. grossed $3.7m from 1,324 in 25 for $23.9m. Fast & Furious 6 added $2.3m from 3,230 in 22 for $544m and stands at $61.6m in China after three weekends to rank as the biggest release of the year-to-date and $20m in Japan after six weekends.

The Purge stands at $17.4m and The World’s End $14.9m, of which $12.6m comes from the UK after four. Now You See Me stands at $4.9m through Universal in Italy after four weekends and local-language 3D hit Foosball has amassed $11.2m in Argentina.

  • Paramount Pictures International’s World War Z added to become Brad Pitt’s biggest global performer on $500m and his biggest North American hit on $197.4m. Previous Pitt record holders were Mr & Mrs Smith on $186.3m in North American and Troy on $497.3m worldwide.

A $7.4m weekend gross from 2,518 sites in 47 markets for World War Z boosted the international running total to $305.2m.

The zombie thriller opened top in Japan on $3.5m from 342 and continued to perform strongly in Spain where $2.1m in the second weekend held on to number one and resulted in a $10m running total.

Pain And Gain is easing into its international roll-out and generated $2.6m for $7.8m and opened in Australia on $1.6m from 202, while Mexico delivered a $479,000 debut from 270.

  • UPDATED: Lionsgate International staff reported Now You See Me generated a confirmed $14.6m through licensees to reach a terrific $142m. It opened top of the charts in Australia on $3.7m from 270 screens. Red 2 added $7.8m to stand at $44.7m and opened in Spain on an estimated $650,000 from 315 screens.
  • The Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa opened in the UK through StudioCanal on a superb $3.3m over five days including Wednesday and Thursday previews.