SXSW best documentary winner 45365, directed by Bill and Turner Ross, will screen exclusively on the Distribution Network for one week from July 31-August 6.

This marks the second film in Snag’s online SummerFest, which is hosting one-week screenings of previously unreleased documentaries before they go on to theatrical or TV release.

The networks includes, and The first film in SummerFest was Jonathan Bricklin’s The Entrepreneur, executive produced by Morgan Spurlock.

The film is aobut the daily lives of residents of one small American town — Sidney, Ohio (that town’s zipcode gives the film its title).

“We are absolutely honoured that 45365 has been invited to be a part of the inaugural SummerFest Film Festival. SnagFilms and their affiliates constitute our largest worldwide audience thus far,” said Directors Bill and Turner Ross. “We would like to thank SummerFest and their viewers for providing two independent filmmakers with such an amazing platform - an avenue for films like ours to be watched and discussed by film lovers the world over.”

Also, Snag is launching a new series of “online-only short selections” from Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me.

Rick Allen, CEO of SnagFilms, said: “Shorts on specialized topics are perfect for focused sites, and any viewer will inevitably want more … a hunger for the full film that they’ll be able to satisfy at SnagFilms.”