Argentine director Juan Jose Campanella's Luna de Avellaneda (The Moon of Avellaneda) will open the 49th Valladolid International Film Festival on October 22.The move mirrors the career path taken by Campenella's last film, the Oscar-nominated Son of the Bride (El Hijo de La Novia), which won the festival's top prize and public choice award and went on to international box office success.The picture, a Euros 1.2m co-production between Argentina's Pol-Ka, SB Producciones, Jempsa and Spain's Tornasol, reunites Campanella with his leading man from Son of the Bride, Ricardo Darin, and the rest of the cast includes Eduardo Blanco, Mercedes Morán and Valeria Bertucelli, with a special appearance from Spain's venerable Jose Luis Lopez Vázquez.

Valladolid, which specialises in art fare, wraps on October30 and will also include special tributes to Amos Gitai, Spanish directorImanol Uribe and a focus on the "Sixth Generation" of Chinese filmdirectors.