Sony Pictures Classics (SPC)has picked-up North American and English speaking rights to ElectricEntertainment and Plinyminor's politically charged documentary, EVConfidential.

SPC plans a 2006 release onthe picture, which explores the development and demise of the electric car andpresents the story in the style of a murder-mystery.

Dean Devlin's ElectricEntertainment financed the project, and co-produced with Plinyminor, theproduction company headed up by Richard D Titus and Tavin Marin Titus. ChrisPaine wrote the project and Jessie Deeter served as producer.

International sales arebeing handled by Voltage Pictures, the sales company Devlin founded withNicolas Chartier.

"The foremost goal in makingthis movie is to educate and enlighten audiences with the story of this car,its place in history, and in the larger story of our car culture and it'senablement of our addiction to foreign oil," Devlin said.

"We're thrilled to beworking with Sony Pictures Classics on bringing this long-time passion of mineto the big screen."

Devlin's father Don ownedone of the first commercially produced electric cars and out of respect for hisfather's passion Devlin named his company Electric.

"This is an important filmwith an important message that not only calls to task the officials whosquelched the Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, but all of the other accomplices,government, the car companies, Big Oil, even eco-darling hydrogen as well asconsumers, who turned their backs on the car," Richard Titus said added.

Doug Stone of the legal firmStone, Meyer & Genow negotiated the deal with the parties.