UIP executivesexpect to record two significant milestones this weekend, as Paramount's WarOf The Worlds is poisedto pass the $300m gross mark and DreamWorks International's Madagascar prepares to cross $200m.

Both titles have been market leaders over the past monthor so, and have grossed $298.9m and more than $190m respectively.

Meanwhile FantasticFour will once againchallenge the UIP titles for the international box office crown and shouldcross $100m this weekend.

The MarvelComics adaptation has amassed $93m through Fox International and Constantin,which released the picture in Germany and Austria.

Another bigtitle on the radar (or rather, flying under it) will be Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational's (SPRI) military action saga Stealth, which launches into battle day-and-datewith North America in a raft of territories.

Stealth is set to launch in Mexico on Jul 29 on350 prints, followed a day later with Russia on 250, and South Korea on 210.

Latestinternational running totals released by SPRI executives put Kung Fu Hustle on $80m, Are We There Yet' on $14.9m, and The Longest Yard on$12.6m.

Buena VistaInternational (BVI) opens Herbie: Fully Loaded in Spain and Japan on Jul 29 and 30respectively, and the picture currently stands at $14.8m. Sin City has grossed $23.8m through BVI marketsto date.

The UK will be atough proving ground this weekend, with strong holdovers expected for FantasticFour in its secondweekend, War of The Worlds, and Jul 29 releases for Warner Bros Pictures International's CharlieAnd The Chocolate Factoryand Universal's Skeleton Key through UIP on 350 prints.

Charlie, which has amassed $13.3m to date, also opens inMexico on Jul 29. This weekend Warners will also launch House Of Wax in Russia, and The Island in Australia.

House Of Wax stands at $32.4m, The Island has taken $10.4m, and Batman Begins has amassed $150.1m to date.

UIP opens Paramount's The Honeymooners in Germany on Jul 28 and in Spain the same day on267.

Universal's TheInterpreter stands at$74.2m through UIP following last weekend's $500,000 debut in Russia, and thethriller has grossed $80m through all distributors.

Paramount's TeamAmerica: World Police opensin Japan through UIP on Jul 30.

Japan will alsohost the opening of Robots through Fox International, which will face a battle royal withBVI's Herbie : Fully Loaded. The animated title opens there on 500 prints on Jul 30 and goesout in South Korea on 250 on Jul 29.

Robots has amassed $1114.4m to date and willpass the $127m domestic total by the end of its run.

FoxInternational opens the comedy Guess Who in Spain on 300 prints on Jul 29 and that picture has taken$20m to date. Star Wars: Episode III has grossed $427.4m internationally so far.

By the latestreckoning Mr And Mrs Smith stands at $162.5m through all distributors. The action picturescored a very strong opening day in France on Jul 27, opening number one on anestimated $1.8m through SND on 663 prints.

The debutproduced 254,874 nationwide admissions, including 43,295 paid previewsadmissions from the previous night, and has a shot at passing 1m by the end ofthe weekend.

It registered50,162 admissions in Paris and near suburbs and overall marked the thirdbiggest opening day of the year in France behind Star Wars: Episode III and War Of The Worlds.