Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced a number of promotions in its worldwide publicity department.

Staci Griesbach has been promoted to executive director of worldwide publicity at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Griesbach, formerly director of worldwide publicity, will assume responsibility for global Blu-ray and DVD publicity campaigns and will report to senior vice-president of worldwide publicity Fritz Friedman.

She will also support Friedman in corporate communications for the home entertainment division as well as for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group. She joined the company in 2005.

Jason Allen, manager of worldwide publicity, will replace Griesbach and will also report to Friedman. Hewill oversee international publicity in non-European territories, new technology, including Blu-ray, and special events. He joined the company in 2007.

His role will now be covered by Erin O’Brien, who has joined the company from Fox Home Entertainment. She will manage corporate communications and North American publicity campaigns for DVD, PSP and Blu-ray, and will report to Griesbach.