Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation has signed an agreement with Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, the leading integrator behind the digital conversion of North American theatres.

The studio will supply digital prints of its films to digitally equipped theatres and will pay virtual print fees, a financing mechanism that the studios have backed as a way of sharing the high cost of digital installation with theatre owners.

Walt Disney Company, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and Lionsgate previously signed deals with Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, an alliance between the the three largest North American theatre chains AMC, Cinemark and Regal.

Sony Pictures Releasing Corporation and Sony Pictures Releasing International Corporation have signed agreements with other integrators like Cinedigm in North America, Arts Alliance Media and XDC in Europe, and Sony Electronics in North America and Europe.

Digital Cinema Implementation Partners intends to convert nearly 20,000 movie screens in North America and will deploy 2K or 4K digital projection systems that meet standard specifications established under the auspices of the industry-wide Digital Cinemas Initiative after years of negotiations.

Warner Bros is in negotiations with Digital Cinema Implementation Partners and the two entities previously established the Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition with Universal Pictures.