Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) has signed a long-term distribution agreement with leading Korean film distributor CJ Entertainment (CJE).

The deal gives SPTI the right to distribute a limited number of films from CJE's current and future slates to broadcasters across Asia excluding Japan, mainland China and Korea.

Yu Ha's gangster drama A Dirty Carnival, starring Zo In-sung, will be the first film to be distributed through SPTI under the contract.

The agreement follows a November 2006 deal that CJE's television affiliate CJ Media signed with SPTI to distribute CJ Media's Korean drama series across most of Asia.

Ross Pollack, SPTI's senior vice president, distribution, Asia, said: 'We are very pleased with this new agreement with CJ Entertainment, which expands our partnership with one of the largest media and entertainment companies in Korea.'

CJE previously sold TV rights to SPTI for Great Expectations and How to Keep My Love.