Hitchwas the number one international release of the weekend with an estimated $21mhaul on 2,955 screens in 25 markets through Sony Pictures ReleasingInternational (SPRI), while DreamWorks International's Meet The Fockers passed $200m following another strongweekend.

Sony's romantic comedy raised its international running total to$29.1m, powered by a superb $9m number one debut in Germany on 907 screens thatclaimed 45% market share, and $2.7m from 377 Spanish screens for an unconfirmednumber one ranking ahead of Fox International's thriller Hide And Seek.

Hitch openedtop in Australia on $2.7m on 370 for 39% share, while other number one debutsproduced $1.1m on 75 screens in Switzerland, $1m on 101 in Austria, and $550,000on 355 in Singapore. The picture also grossed $200,000 on 25 in the Philippinesand took $120,000 on platform release in London.

DreamWorks International's Meet The Fockers added $12.6m on 3,972 screens in 52territories for a $201.3m international cumulative total. The figure doesn'tinclude Hong Kong, which was not released through UIP and stands at $1.3m.

In holdovers Germany added $2.8m on 631 in its second weekend for$16.2m to rank second behind Hitch, while France produced $2m on 599 in its third for $11.2m andthird place.

The comedy sequel grossed $1.4min 415 venues in the UK for third place and a sensational $41.7m cumulativetotal after six weekends, while Italy and Spain stand at $17.4m in fifth placeand $16m in fourth after four and five weekends respectively.

DreamWorksInternational's Shark Talegrossed $2.6m on 469 screens through UIP for a $172.8m running total thatdoesn't include South Korea or Japan. In its second weekend in Italy the animatedfamily picture stayed top on $2.5m on 254 for $7.3m.

Shark Tale opened in second place on $2.1m in Japan through Asmik-Ace. The Y218.8m opening surpassed comparable Y214m and Y213m launches for Shrek and Shrek 2 respectively. It's expected to play out well bearing in mind that two weeks of holidays are set to start on Mar 19. The international running total through all distributors stands at $182m.

Warner Bros' Constantine has been doing steady business following an explosive Asianlaunch several weeks ago and added $11.8m in 32 territories to raise itsinternational running total to $72.5m.

The key drivers were strong second weekend holds that saw thesupernatural thriller add $1.6m on 366 in Italy for $4.8m and $1.4m on 486 inMexico for $4.5m, while Australia raised its total to $4m.

Constantine opened top in Sweden on an excellent $411,300 on 61 prints, andtop in Chile and Colombia on $168,100 on 30 and a superb $292,400 on 76 in Colombia.

After three weekends the picture has grossed $8.2m in Germany,$8.2m in France, and $6.2m in Spain. South Korea has produced a mighty $11.1mafter four weekends.

Lastest figures released by executives put The Aviator on $15.5m, A Very Long Engagement on $55.6m, Ocean's Twelve on $234.1m, and The Polar Express on $119.1m.

Fox International's Hide And Seek grossed an estimated $8.5m in 28 marketsfor a $35.2m international running total.

The thriller opened in Spain on$2.6m on 325 screens for a tentative second place ranking behind Hitch, second in Belgium on a very strong $488,000 on 46,and top in Holland on $414,000 on 60.

Hide And Seek added $1.5m on 346 in its second weekend in the UK for a $5.7mcumulative total there, and stayed top in Brazil on $512,000 on 222 for astrong $1.4m running total after two weekends.

The picture grossed $606,000 on 291 in its second weekend inFrance for $2.3m and an unconfirmed ranking, and ranked second after twoweekends in South Korea, where it added $825,000 on 120 for $3.6m.

The horror title Boogeyman opened top in the UK through UIP on $1.7m in 312 venues; sold internationally by Mandate Pictures, Universal only has the UK on the title.

Universal's Ray grossed $3.4m on 1,200 screens in 30 territories and raised itsinternational running total to $31.2m, overtaking Ali's $30m haul to become thebiggest African-American biopic of all time in international markets.

The picture stayed top in France in its second weekend on $1.8m on259 screens for $4.8m. Overall Ray passed $100m worldwide and has reached $106.5m.

White Noise opened in second place in Mexico on $1m on 244 screens, and added$207,000 on 236 in its second weekend in Germany for a $950,000 running total.Overall the thriller stands at $5.4m from six territories with Australia as thenext major territory to release on Apr 21.

New Line International's Blade 3 opened in Italy on $1.4m on 292 and has grossed $60.4m through all its markets to date. Son Of The Mask stands at $6.5m, and Cellular has reached $23.1m

Buena Vista International's (BVI) Finding Neverland added $2.1m for a $36m cumulative totalin BVI markets, while The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou added $1m for $2.7m from UK and Italy,and Pooh's Heffalump Movie added $1m for $8.1m. Wild Bunch 2 added $1.2m in Germany for a Germancumulative total of $7m.

Alexander has reached $132m through Summit Entertainment, while Racing Stripes is on $20m, Around The World In 80 Days stands at $48m, and Being Julia has grossed $2.4m.