Spanish producers have met with their German counterparts aspart of the Madrid's fourth German Film Festival to propose changes to aco-production deal signed in 2002.

Measures agreed include lowering the minimum co-productionparticipation to 10 percent of the budget; loosening up the rules governingco-productions; setting up a fund for bi-lateral co-productions comparable tothat which already exists between Germany and France; and arranging a slate ofsimilar summits between the two sides to ensure the guidelines are beingfollowed.

The summit was organised by the German Embassy in Madrid andattended by Spain's powerful producers lobby FAPAE including its DirectorGeneral, Fabio Buena Ventura.

Later, at a meeting between FAPAE, French producers, Unframedand the French Embassy, along with Spanish distributors, Buena Ventura alsosaid FAPAE would push the new Spanish administration for a deal with Frenchproducers similar to the 2002 accord with their German counterparts.