GuillermoDel Toro's gothic fairy tale Pan's Labyrinth will close the 44th New York Film Festival, while PedroAlmodovar's drama Volver has been namedthe centerpiece presentation.

Bothfilms played in competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Festivalorganisers also announced that they would screen a restored print of WarrenBeatty's 1981 historical saga Reds asthe festival retrospective in honour of the picture's 25th anniversary.

'Reds was a milestone in the American cinema of its era, andwe're delighted to help a new generation of filmgoers discover this importantwork,' Richard Pena, programme director of the Film Society and chairmanof the New York Film Festival selection committee, said.

The44th New York Film Festival is scheduled to run from Sept 29 to Oct 15 atLincoln Center.