HannahSpearritt, the British actress formerly with pop group S Club 7, has joined thecast of Focus Features' Seed Of Chucky, which began filming in Romania earlier this week.

Spearritt made herHollywood debut in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London opposite Frankie Muniz for MGM whichopened in the US last weekend.

The fifthinstalment in the horror franchise started by Child's Play in 1988 centres on Glen, the son ofhomicidal dolls Chucky and Tiffany, who becomes involved in a Hollywood movieabout his parents and inadvertently brings them back to life.

Spearritt willplay the personal assistant to Jennifer Tilly, who plays herself in thefilm-within-a-film and provides the voice for Tiffany.

Chucky franchise creator and the writer on allfive pictures Don Mancini is making his directorial debut on the picture, withDavid Kirschner (Secondhand Lions, Frailty) and producing partner Corey Sienega (executive producer onBride Of Chucky)serving as producers.

"Having already achieved worldwide success and garneredmillions of fans as part of S Club 7, Hannah is making the transition to actingwith great charm and spark," Focus co-presidents David Linde and James Schamussaid in a joint statement.

"In the cleverand outrageous new scenario that Don has cooked up, Hannah will be the lonebeacon of sanity as Chucky and his family - and the equally creepy Hollywoodphonies - run amok."

Focus plans torelease the picture in the US in time for Halloween on Oct 29; FocusInternational is handling all worldwide sales.