Spider-Man 2 passed $200m on its 19th day as it added $62.3m on 9,400 printsin 61 countries for an estimated $200.1m - the biggest weekend of all time for Columbia TriStar Film DistributorsInternational (CTFDI).

Despite a very warm weekend across most parts of northern Europe,there were 10 number one bows led by $15.7m on a massive 1,117 prints in the UK(18% better than Spider-Man) and an excellent $7.7m including previews on the widest ever 602in Spain.

Spider-Man 2 grossed $11.6m on 900 in France (13% better than Spider-Man) forthe ninth biggest opening of a Hollywood picture of all time. Spain producedthe fourth biggest weekend ever including previews, while the UK bow was the11th biggest ever.

The sequel opened on $1.2m in both Belgium and Holland on 87 and127 screens respectively, while Portugal produced the fourth biggest everfour-day weekend on $820,000 on 106.

Spidey spun impressive grosses in the Middle East, opening on$400,000 on 38 in Israel and $115,000 on 12 in Lebanon both were the ninthbiggest opening weekends ever and the third biggest bow ever in Egypt on$70,000 on five, the maximum number of screens a Hollywood picture is allowedto open on there.

After barely three weekends on release Spider-Man 2 has already passed the lifetime gross ofSpider-Man in Russia(six days), the Philippines (seven), Turkey (10), Thailand (11), Malaysia (12),Jordan (13), and (Indonesia (18).

The pictureopens in Italy, its last remaining major market, later this summer.