Sony's Spider-Man 2 grossed an estimated $12.1m on6,430 screens in 55 territories through Columbia TriStar Film DistributorsInternational (CTFDI) at the weekend, raising the international cumulativetotal to $328.2m.

The chief highlight was the $2.6m debut on 300 screens inChina, which included previews and set a new record for an MPAA release in theAsian territory.

The local currency total of 20.4m units far exceeded theprevious 18.6m record held by Pearl Harbor.

Spider-Man 2 was the first studio picture toopen in China after authorities ended the ban on Hollywood titles that haslasted most of the summer.

It remained unclear to what extent piracy may havecannibalised the picture's theatrical revenue. Hollywood studios typically liketo release their pictures as close as possible to the US release date topreclude the effects of piracy, and China is one of the most piracy-pronemarkets in the world.

Elsewhere, the action sequel fell a mere 20% in its fourthweekend in France, where it added $2.7m on 758 and ranked second on a $31.7mrunning total.

The picture added $2.4m on 500 in its fifth weekend in Japanand fell 21% for a $42.8m running total. It is expected to overtake the UK andbecome the picture's biggest market later this week. The UK's total after fourweekends is $43m.

The comedy White Chicks got its first internationalrelease as it opened in second place in Australia on $1m.

The romantic comedy 13 Going On 30 opened second inthe UK on $2.1m (including previews) on 400 screens and fourth in France on$1.1m. It grossed $3.3m overall for a $7.7m running total.