IMAX andColumbia Pictures have struck a deal whereby Spider-Man 2 will be digitally remastered for releaseon IMAX screens around the world beginning Jul 23.

"When you have amovie like Spider-Man 2,it makes sense to offer audiences an opportunity to experience the film in thisincredible format," Jeff Blake, vice chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainmentand president of worldwide marketing and distribution, said in a statement.

"We are very pleasedto add this phenomenal film to IMAX's blockbuster 2004 lineup," IMAX co-chiefexecutive officers Richard L Gelfond and Bradley J Wechsler added.

"About a yearago we did tests on the first Spider-Man, and since then we've always thought Spider-Man 2 would be fantastic as an IMAX film.

"Columbia Pictures' entry into the IMAX business isfurther evidence that the Hollywood studios are recognising the potential ofpresenting their event films in IMAX's format and capitalising on the IMAXrelease window."

The deal waspreviously reported here on Jun 30.