Sony's Spider-Man 2 drummed up an estimated $4.8m on 1,230 screens in 35 territoriesthrough Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International (CTFDI) at the weekendas it raised the international cumulative total to $399.1m. Executives expectthe picture to pass $400m by Tuesday.

The key driver was Italy, whereSpidey tumbled 50% yet remained top on$4.5m on 806 for a handsome $17.8m running total after the second weekend.

The horror sequel Resident Evil: Apocalypse added $5m through all distributors as itelevated the international running total to $21.9m. The picture added $3m on654 screens in four CTFDI markets.

The highlight was a number one opening in Mexico on $1.2m on 350,with the local currency total of 14m pesos amounting to roughly three times asmuch as the original's first weekend in 2002.

Comic bookadaptation Hellboy took$1.2m on 1,100 screens in 27 territories for a $30.1m running total.