The global blockbuster season has well and truly begun as Spider-Man 3 opens in approximately 105 countries around the world this week in what has already become a record-breaking event.

After two days in release the latest episode in the Marvel comic book superhero's adventures stood at $42.5m. This dizzying figure was made all the more remarkable given that the film had yet to launch in North America and approximately 30 countries, with opening day results still unreported for another 30 territories due to time differences.

Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) executives released the film in Russia, Australia, China and 27 other countries on May 3, reserving May 4 for 29 launches including the UK, Mexico, Spain, Brazil.

Spider-Man 3 debuted in 16 territories on May 1 in a shock-and-awe foray that produced $29.2m, dwarfing the $10.6m and $15.6m opening day performances of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 in the same territories.

The first day generated a string of opening day and single day records studded with extraordinary results such as $6.8m in France, $4m in Italy, $3.4m in South Korea, and more than $1m in each of the Philippines and Thailand, two territories that had never previously yielded more than $1m on an opening day.

Spider-Man went out in Indonesia on May 2 and by the end of the day had registered 1.9bn Rupiahs ($210,000).

Naturally SPRI's competitors are keeping a low profile this weekend. Buena Vista International's Wild Hogs, which is about to be relieved of its overseas crown, has grossed $59.5m, and Meet The Robinsons stands at $46.7m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's 300 stands at $224.1m, Blood Diamond has grossed $111.7m, Happy Feet is on $186.1m including Roadshow territories, Music And Lyrics has amassed $88.6m including Roadshow territories and The Reaping has grossed $27.1m including Roadshow territories.

Universal/UPI's Mr Bean's Holiday has grossed $155.6m and Hot Fuzz stands at $49.1m. Paramount/PPI's Shooter has reached $31.5m.

Fox International's Sunshine stands at $24.4m and Epic Movie has amassed $40.2m.