Roger Spottiswoode's Rwanda genocide drama Shake Hands With The Devil will open the 27th Atlantic Film Festival on September 13.

Based on the memoir by Canadian Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, leader of the UN force that was unable to prevent the 1994 atrocity, the film stars Roy Dupuis in the lead and costars Deborah Kara Unger, Jean-Hugues Anglade and Tom McCamus. The film is world premiering at Toronto.

Filmed in Rwanda using many of the actual locations, the film is produced by Michael Donovan of Halifax Film Company and Laszlo Barna of Toronto-based Barna-Alper Productions. The film will be distributed in Canada through Seville Pictures.

'We are thrilled to be opening the Festival with such an affecting film,' said festival director Lia Rinaldo. 'Michael Donovan has an impeccable ability to recognize film projects that will ultimately alter people's views on critical world issues.'