Bond ruled the waves for a third consecutive weekend as CasinoRoyale grossed anestimated $44.7m from 6,770 prints in 54 territories for $196.5m.

The film will cross $200m on Monday [Day 17] and alreadystands at more than $312m worldwide. 007 is on course to finish hisinternational mission in the mid-$300m range.

Casino Royale stayed top in many of its territories, adding $10.4m in its thirdweekend in the UK on 992 prints for $71m. It added $8.6m from 1,190 in Germanyfor $24.7m after two, and $5.3m from 796 in France for $15.6m after two.

The film opened in second place in Japan on $3.4m from 458 printsÐ approximately the same as Die Another Day Ð and boosted its tallies in Spain ($2mfor $6.9m), Switzerland ($1.7m for $5.2m), and Denmark ($1.7m for $5.6m).

Paramount's animated feature Flushed Away stormed on to the international scenewith a $14m tally from 2,591 sites in 23 territories through UIP for $21.5m.

The film opened in 17 territories including the UK, whereit opened in second place on $6.2m from 468 screens including previews. Itopened third in France on $2.7m from 608 and third in Spain on $1.6m from 419.

Also from Paramount, Jackass Number Two added $1.2m from 676 in 14 for $10.8m,while World Trade Center crossed $90m following a $387,000 haul for $90.6m.

Animated titles performed well this weekend as Happy Feet added $8.1m from approximately 2,500prints in 17 markets through Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) for$13.7m.

The film opened in a battle for first place with a localtitle in Italy on $2m from 550 prints, and opened in second place in Germany on$1.9m from 859.

It stayed top in its second weekend in a row in Brazil on $718,000from 311 screens for $1.9m.

The Departed took $8.7m through WBPI and other distributors from more than2,500 prints in 44 markets for $90.4m. It opened in France on $4.2m from 629.

The Prestige added$1.5m from 798 in 20 for $25m and opened in second place in Argentina on$126,000 from 29. It stands at $6.2m in the UK after four, $1.5m in Franceafter three, and $3.3m in Australia after three.

Flags Of Our Fathers grossed $804,000 from 600 prints in 15 for $20.9m. Japanese titleDeath Note 2 added$1.8m in its fifth weekend in Japan for $36.8m.

Boratwill cross $100m this week after adding $8.6m from 2,200 screens through FoxInternational to raise the overseas tally to $96.8m.

The comedy stayed top in its second weekend in Australia on $2.3mfrom 292 for $8.5m. In is third weekend it added $1.5m from 390 in the UK for$43.1m and $767,000 from 257 in France for $5m. Germany stands on $12.1m aftertaking $719,000 from 404 in its fifth weekend.

The Devil Wears Prada added $2.3m from 1,500 screens for $186.3m, while comedy DeckThe Halls took the sameamount from 845 screens for $3.2m, fired up by a $1.1m UK launch on 206.

A Good Year added $1.9m for $19.1m and opened in Mexico in fifth place on$342,000 from 200 and Brazil in third on $235,000 from 57.

Little Miss Sunshine added $923,000 from 400 for $24.9m. It opened in sixth place inGermany on $395,000 from 104.

Deja Vu added$3.8m from 870 screens in four territories through Buena Vista International(BVI) for $5.5m.

The result was powered by three number one launches in Spain,Taiwan and Malaysia that produced $2.4m from 400, $330,000 from 165, and$100,000 from 35 respectively. All were new records for star Denzel Washington.

The Santa Claus 3 added $4.1m from 1.200 sites in nine territories and opened top inMexico on $1.4m, setting a new franchise record.

Saw III added$3.3m through Lionsgate and BVI for $50m. It opened in South Korea, Singapore,Hong Kong, and Iceland.

Latest figuresfrom Universal put Children Of Men on $25.7m through UIP, Step Up on $17.9m in Universal territories, You,Me And Dupree on $53.7m,and Seven Dwarfs 2 on$29.4m in German-speaking territories.