Bond stayed on top of his game as Sony Pictures Releasing International's Quantum Of Solace added a further $20.1m from 8,755 screens in 73 markets to raise the estimated tally to $340.1m.

The $482m worldwide running total will cross the half-billion mark by next weekend. The only new overseas release was New Zealand, where 007 launched 15% bigger than Casino Royale on $835,000 from 95 screens.

Leading the holdover business was Australia, where in the second weekend Quantum Of Solace tumbled 64% on $2.8m from 478 for $12.6m. The UK generated $2.4m from 864 after a 47% decline in the fourth weekend for $75.5m while Germany produced $2.3m from 1,011 after falling 45% in the fourth for $35.3m.

Elsewhere the action saga added $2.1m from 527 in Spain after falling 60% in the second weekend for $8.4m and raised the tally in France by $925,000 from 531 after dropping 47% to $30.1m in the fifth. Latest figures put South Korea on $10.8m, Switzerland on $9.1m, Holland on $6.6m, Brazil on $6.6m, Finland on $4.1m and Greece on $4m - all after four weekends. Sweden has amassed $8m after five and Mexico stands at $5.5m after three.

DreamWorks Animation's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa added $12.5m from 2,364 sites in 24 territories for $71.5m and opened in 12 territories including a mighty $5.7m number one debut in Spain from 603 venues.

The family release opened top as well in Portugal and Colombia, grossing $740,000 from 75 and $722,000 from 154, respectively. It launched in Turkey on $510,000 from 122 venues. Madagascar 2 opens in 11 next weekend including the UK, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland and Argentina.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Body Of Lies collected a further $8.3m from approximately 3,447 screens in 54 markets for $43.7m. The highlights were a $655,000 number two launch in Mexico on 382 screens and a $432,000 debut in Brazil on 100.

Second weekend holds generated $1.2m in Italy from 355 for $3.5m, $935,000 in Germany from 427 for $2.7m and $825,000 in the UK from 393 venues for $3m. Elsewhere the spy thriller has grossed $6.6m in France and $5.7m in Spain after four weekends and $5m in Australia after eight.

Meanwhile Entertainment opened New Line's Four Christmases at the top in the UK for $3.5m on 475 screens.

Twilight grossed a further $7.6m through Summit International from 1,618 screens for $19.9m and has amassed $139.6m worldwide. The vampire romance sunk its teeth into nine smaller new markets and stayed top in Mexico on $1.6m for $5.2m and added $3.4m in Italy for $9m after two weekends. There was also a number one launch in Belgium. Full details will be released this week.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Bolt charged up 1,070 screens in its first three overseas territories, taking $6.6m in debuts that grossed 54% more overall than the combined launch in the same territories of Chicken Little and 20% better than Cars.

Russia led the way on $3.5m from 570 for the second biggest animated launch in history and finished 10% bigger than Ratatouille and took approximately twice as much as Cars.

Italy generated $2.2m from 379 while Poland produced $865,000 from 121, which was roughly 30% bigger than Cars and 250% bigger than Wall-E.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year added $3.6m from 4,227 in 37 territories for $133.9m and has now reached $35.8m after six weekends in the UK. The film scored number one launches in Argentina and Venezuela on $403,000 from 80 and $430,000 from 75, respectively. The Venezuelan debut was the biggest by any musical.

Wall-E stands at a little over $265m and great things are expected when it launches in Japan next weekend. The romantic comedy The Accidental Husband has grossed $3.1m in Germany while Saw V has amassed $10.6m from WDSMPI territories.

Fox International's grand epic Australia ventured into its first three territories of Australia, Trinidad and Jamaica and took $5m overall. The lead territory of course was Australia, where the film opened top on an excellent $4.9m from 645 screens to deliver Baz Lurhmann his biggest debut in his home country.

The action romp Max Payne added $2.7m from 1,400 screens in 21 for $40.1m. highlights included 814,536 from 238 in Italy and 149,628 from 35 in Belgium. No screenings took place in the Indian city of Mumbai due to last week's terrorist attacks.

Universal's Changeling added $4.4m from 1,040 sites in five territories through UPI for an early $14.1m international running total. The drama launched well in third place in the UK behind Four Christmases and Quantum Of Solace on $1.9m from 349 for Clint Eastwood's biggest debut as director.

The film held in third place in France in its third weekend after dropping 24% on $1.4m from 413 dates for $6.8m and added $900,000 from 225 in Italy for $3.6m after the same amount of time.

Death Race added $2.3m from 1,090 in 27 territories for $33.8m led by a German launch in fifth place on $700,000 from 199 and a Japanese debut on $750,000 from 226 that ranked as the biggest Hollywood film of the weekend. The action remake launched in Italy on $190,000 from 100.

Dark comedy Burn After Reading grossed $1.8m from 894 in 24 for $73m, powered by an outstanding number one $544,000 launch in Brazil from 108 that produced a career-high launch in the territory for the Coen Brothers. There are ten more territories to open including France and Belgium on December 10. Mamma Mia! added $500,000 from 600 in 30 for $425m and there is still Japan to go on January 30.

Saw V added $1.9m from 1,700 in 35 for $36.9m.