Ben Stassen's Fly Me To The Moon will be making history as the first 3D Imax film to screen in EFM and is hoping to ride a wave with buyers after the sensational US opening of Disney's 3D concert film Hannah Montana.

Fly Me To The Moon, which is being released in the US by Summit in August, is being sold here by its producers, nWave Pictures, founded in 1994 by Stassen and Brussels-based D&D Media Group.

The idea of taking the film to a market like Berlin is a new departure for the company. 'We will try to show the film to as many distributors as we can,' Stassen says. 'It is a little tricky in working with conventional sales agents because it (3D) is something they don't quite grasp. Our disadvantage is that we know large format and special venue distribution worldwide. We are not really at home with feature film distribution....we want to discuss release strategy with distributors and we want to share with distributors what we know about the roll-out.'

All territories excluding the US and Belgium are available on Fly Me To The
Moon, which is about three pre-teen flies who stow away inside the helmets of US astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins on their journey to the moon.

With blockbuster tentpole films like Journey 3-D and Avatar set to revolutionise the standing of 3D films in the mainstream theatrical marketplace, Stassen is looking to provide a steady stream of new 3D feature films. His second 3D feature, Around The World In 50 Years (which follows a sea turtle from hatching to maturity) is already in production.