Steve Rabineau, the former William Morris Agency senior motion picture literary agent and Endeavor founding partner, has joined United Talent Agency (UTA) as a partner and agent in the motion picture literary department.

The move is part of a wave of defections follow the merger between William Morris and Endeavor, which was announced last week.  

Rabineau had been at William Morris for five years and helped to launch Endeavor in 1995.

UTA has attracted many top agents over recent years, including Theresa Peters who joined from William Morris with clients such as Kirsten Dunst and James McAvoy, leading youth agent Mitch Gossett whose portfolio includes Miley Cyrus, and Michael Camacho, the former head of reality TV at CAA, who bought top producer clients including Cris Abrego and Mike Fleiss.

The William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME) super agency will compete head on with Creative Artists Agency (CAA). It will bring together William Morris’ noted music department and Endeavor’s film, TV and talent roster.