Buena Vista International top brass will be looking to extendtheir dominance of the last couple of weekends thanks to the one-two punch of PiratesOf The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Cars.

After amassing $141m from international markets so far, Pirates sets sail further in a number of newterritories this weekend, beginning with Argentina, Portugal and Chile on Jul20.

The adventure sequel then sets course for Brazil, Mexico andVenezuela on Jul 21, followed by Japan on Jul 22.

Meanwhile Cars is starting to show some of that customary Pixar magic as itbears down on $100m overseas.

The animated auto adventure stands at $85.7m and should boost itsscore through strong holds and a debut in South Korea on Jul 21.

There are no big openings for any Warner Bros PicturesInternational titles this weekend, although the sheer momentum of recent weeksshould keep Superman Returns high and mighty in its active markets. Its overseas cumulativebox office stands at more than $77m.

In the UK, Pirates and Superman Returns hold the top two spots at the box office currently. Hoping to make a dent this weekend in that studio supremacy will be Entertainment, which is releasing Stormbreaker on the back of a vigorous marketing campaign.

This $39m adaptation of the teen spy books by Alex Ryder is seeking to capitalise on the school holidays prior to its US release by the Weinstein Company through MGM on Oct 6.

Initial box-office in the UK is likely to be very brisk (see ScreenDaily review), particularly since this would-be franchise has a week's grace before the arrival of Cars in British cinemas.

Meanwhile, despite tanking in the US, Poseidon has managed to gross more than $106.6mto date internationally so far; in addition, Warner's romance The Lake House has taken $15.6m from overseas marketsincluding Roadshow territories.

Paramount's animated feature Over The Hedge has been going great guns over the pastseveral weeks and stands at $90.1m through UIP including South Korea. Strongholds should push it past $100m this weekend.

Universal's action sequel The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift was due to go out in France on Jul 19 on462 prints, followed by Spain on 222 and South Korea on 140 on Jul 21. Itstands at more than $42.6m through UIP.

Comedy The Break-Up launches in the UK on 400 screens Jul 21 after taking in $24.8malready, while there are two openings for children's title Curious George in Brazil on Jul 21 and Japan on 80screens a day later. It stands at $4.3m.

Paramount's Mission: Impossible III has hauled in $229m and is still in itsearly days in Japan. Universal's United 93 has grossed $10.6m.

Fox International was due to open Garfield: A Tale Of TwoKitties, currently on$8m, in France on Jul 19 followed by the UK on Jul 21.

Comedy My Super Ex-Girlfriend was due to launch in its first international market ofAustralia on Jul 20, which is day-and-date with the film's North Americanrelease.

The Hills Have Eyes has taken $22.6m, X-Men: The Last Stand has reached $206.3m, and The Omen has grossed $63.1m.

Sony PicturesReleasing International was unavailable at time of writing.