South Korean sales agent Activers Entertainment is debuting a classics library of Korean films at Filmart.

'It's a package of classic films that previously - for whatever reason - have not been sold internationally,' said Monica Han, Activers Global Business manager.

'We have already had a lot of interest from buyers, even more than we anticipated.'

The slate comprises 46 films from the 1954-2001 period.

They range from much-lauded classics such as Lee Yong-min's 1962 period comedy A Happy Day Of Jinsa Maeng, Shin Sang-ok's 1961 historical drama Prince Yonsan, and Kwon Chil-hwi's 1967 cult horror film The Public Cemetery Of Wolha, to Lee Jang-ho's 1980 film Good Windy Day, starring Ahn Sung-ki (Silmido), Shin Seung-soo's 1992 romantic comedy A Woman Of Downstairs And A Man Of Upstairs, and Park Jong-won's period drama Eternal Empire starring Ahn Sung-ki, Cho Jae-hyun (Bad Guy), and Kim Hae-soo (Tazza: The High Rollers).