J-Pitch and UniJapan have represented five Japanese projectssupported by HAF, led by Run! Run! Run!, a Gaga Communications film to be directed by Hanawa Yukinari and produced by Hiromi Honoki.

Based on Nozomi Katsura's novel of the same name, the $2m film deals with a top athlete and the question of genetic engineering.

Dealing with a schoolchildren's tragedy and the power of song, Eternal Forest, to be directed by Sakaguchi Katsumi and produced by Ochiai Atsuko at Supersaurus is a $2m with Pony Canyon, Wedge Holdings, and Yahoo Japan Corp. attached, set to start production in July.

Strawberries, to be directed and produced by Akihiro Suzuki at S.I.G. is a $500,000 road movie dealing with gender identity. Suzuki is looking to shoot two films, one in China, and the other in Japan, with the same characters on different road trips.

Love Like Blood (aka Lament of the Lamb), to be directed by Akiyama Takahiko and produced by Stuart Levy at Tokyopop K.K. is a $8m suspense thriller based on Kei Tourne's coming-of-age manga Lament Of the Lamb.

Virgin Camellia, to be directed by Torico and Yamaguchi Hiroki at Grumble Sixteen is a $800,000 film based on Suehiro Maruo's dark fantasy novel which has inspired goth girls in Europe, America, and Japan.