The bat ruled the waves as Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) The Dark Knight clobbered the opposition thanks to an estimated $65.6m weekend gross from 43 markets for $126.3m after two weekends.

The action epic has grossed 156% of the box office its 2005 prequel Batman Begins generated in the same markets after the same amount of time and 110% of the lifetime total for the same territories.

The UK led the charge on a magnificent $22.3m from 1,021 prints that included previews and attracted 2.1million admissions and accounted for 50% market share of the top five. This was 152% ahead of the Batman Begins launch.

There was a resounding triumph in Italy, too, as The Dark Knight swooped off with $5m from 636 screens and a projected 70% of the top five market share. The result was 10% ahead of Batman Begins.

Australia generated the third biggest second weekend in history behind Shrek 2 and The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King as $7.2m from 472 screens maintained first place and raised the tally to $24.8m.

Brazil also produced the third biggest second weekend behind Spider-Man 3 and Ice Age 2 as $3.2m from 536 raised the total to $10.7m. The Dark Knight added $3.5m in its second weekend in Mexico for a $15.2m running total.

The next major release will be South Korea on August 7, followed by Japan on August 9, Spain and France on August 12 and Germany on August 21.

WBPI's comedy adaptation Get Smart added $624,000 from more than 2,300 screens in 30 markets for $65m. The film opened in third place in Spain on $1.9m from 347 screens.

DreamWorks Animations' Kung Fu Panda crossed $300m through PPI after adding $17.8m from 6,565 sites in 59 territories for $305m. The film opened in Japan on $2.1m from 533 sites and added $2.6m from 789 in France for $17.3m, $1.8m from 508 in Spain for $15.7m and $1.3m from 462 in the UK for $30.8m.

Gurindher Chadha's comedy Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging launched in its first market of the UK on $2.1m from 373 sites. PPI chiefs are confident that strong word of mouth will stand the film in good stead as schools break up for the summer holidays.

Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull keeps on rolling and added $2.4m from 1,364 venues in 62 territories for $455.5m. The largest contribution came from Japan where the film earned $1.5m from 326 locations for an excellent $46.4m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) Hancock added $19.2 from 7,563 screens in 71 markets for $294.6m. There were no new openings and weekend business owed everything to solid holdovers. Spain led the way on $4m from 575 for first place on $17.5m after two weekends.

Hancock added $2.6m from 735 in the third weekend in France, where the superhero story ranks third on $20.9m. Germany has produced $33.8m after four and the UK stands on $45.3m after the same amount of time. Mexico stands at $11.5m after three.

Universal's musical Mamma Mia! and action hit Wanted both crossed $100m through UPI at the weekend and became Universal's first two films of the year to do so.

Mamma Mia! added $17.5m from 2,390 sites in 21 territories for $111.7m. The film ranks second in the UK and grossed $5.9m from 499 for an excellent $49.5m, making it Universal's fourth biggest release ever in the UK.

Mamma Mia! held on to top spot in its second weekend in Germany as $3m from 608 raised the tally to $11.4m. It also held on to number one in Austria, where $680,000 from 102 venues elevated the running total to $2.5m after two weekends.

Elsewhere, Mamma Mia! Held on to second place in Australia in the third weekend with $3m from 252 for $16.6m. There are 35 territories to open over the next three months.

Wanted grossed $6.2m from 2,560 venues in 40 territories for $105.4m. The film opened top in Taiwan on an excellent $1.9m from 57 and added $1.4m from 491 in the second weekend in France for third place on $6m and stands at $18.8m in the UK after five. There are still 25 territories to go including Australia next weekend.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $3.1m from 1,369 locations in ten territories for an early total of $21.5m. Tallies after two weekends in Italy and Mexico stand at $3.2m and $5.5m, respectively. There are 44 territories to go. The Incredible Hulk added $4m from 1,110 sites in 40 for $108.5m, $89.2m of which comes from Universal territories.

Fox International's The X-Files: I want To Believe launched on 2,595 screens in 22 territories day-and-date with North America and grossed $9.3m. Key drivers were Russia's $2.3m from 553, Spain's $1.5m for 400 for fourth place, Germany's $1.2m from 587 for fourth place and Australia's third place debut on $912,9935 from 214.

M Night Shyamalan's mystery The Happening launched in third place in its final marked of Japan on $2.8m from 310 screens and added $2.9m overall from 1,133 screens in 15 markets for an international running total of $87.8m that includes India, where Fox International did not handle the release.

The Eddie Murphy comedy Meet Dave added $2.7m from 1,900 in 29 for $12.7m. The UK and Australia have generated $2.8m and $2.4m, respectively.

Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Wall-E added $8.9m from 3,081 screens in 21 territories for $70.1m.

The key driver was the UK, which in its second weekend generated a further $4.2m in third place for $18m. Mexico has produced $15.4m after four weekends and the latest Pixar release is expected to overtake the lifetime tally of Ratatouille within two weeks. The film opened in Hong Kong on $780,000.

Wall-E opens in French-speaking Europe and the Benelux next weekend.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $3.3m from 3,503 in 37 for $236m and is now the fifth biggest international release of the calendar year.

The fantasy action sequel added $1m in France from 685 screens for $22.5m and stands at $13.9m in Spain after four. It opened in Taiwan on $360,000 from 18 screens and ventures into German-speaking Europe next weekend.

New Line International's Sex And The City stands at $232.4m.

Journey 3D added $6.7m for $21.5m and has taken $5.5m in the UK, $4.4m in Brazil, $3.9m in France, $2.1m in Mexico and a remarkable $1.4m in Turkey and just over $1m in Malaysia.