French sales outfit Wide Management has announced a raft of new sales on its new slate including Give Me Your Hand and Ah! The Libido.

Pascal Alex-Vincent's Give Me Your Hand has been taken by Strand Releasing for the US and by Peccadillo Pictures for the UK.

Meanwhile, Michel Rosier'comedy Ah! The Libido has gone to SPI for Eastern Europe.

Cristian Poveda's documentary La Vida Loca sold to Bulgaria (Marigold Films), Romania (Clorofilms), Australia (Siren Visual and SBS), Poland (Cyfra+) and Middle East (Arabian Television Network).

Souad El Bouhati's Francaise has sold to Italy (Ripley's Film), Germany (Mitosfilm), Greece (Artplex), Hungary (Anjou-Lafayette), Benelux (Cooperative Nouveau Cinema), Romania (Clorofilms) and Middle East (Arabian Television Network)

Nandita Das' Firaaq sold to Indonesia and Malaysia (Suraya) and Middle East (Daxar Multimedia)

Other recent deals include Three Wise Men sold to Spain (Aquelarre), France (Epicentre Films) and Middle East (Arabian Television Network), That Should Not Be to Benelux and Switzerland (Melimedias), Japan (Uplink) and Spain (Creative Films) and Another Man to Bulgaria (Marigold Films), Romania (Clorofilms), Greece (Artplex), Hungary (Anjou-Lafayette), France (Epicentre Films), Austria (Filmladen) and Spain (Creative Films)

Wide has also added a raft of new titles to its line-up, among them erotic comedy Robber Girls by Carla Lia-Monti, a Middle Ages romp about women fighting back against the men who've oppressed them.