Russian director Alexey Uchitel's company Rock Films has lined up local filmmaker Vadim Sokolovsky to direct thriller Hunting The Lions.

Written by the Ukrainian-born Anastasia Sarkisyan, the film is set among a group of Nazi-style nationalists planning an Oklahoma-style bombing in St. Petersburg.

An experienced TV drama director, Sokolovksy previously directed the children's adventure The Book Of Masters as Walt Disney's first locally produced film last year.

Rock Films' Kira Saksaganskaya told ScreenDaily that she has approached a German company to become a co-producer on Hunting The Lions which is scheduled to begin shooting later this year.

In addition, international co-producers are being sought in Berlin for a second project, the comedy Tank, which is scripted by Alexander Barshak, about a tank taking the wrong turn during joint Russian-Belorussian military exercises and ending up under the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Rock Films is currently in the middle of shooting Uchitel's new film Gustav about a race between ancient steam locomotives in post-Second World War Siberia. The Euros 7.5m drama stars Vladimir Mashkov, German actress Anjorka Strechel and Vyatcheslav Krikunov, the male lead from Uchitel's Captive.