Fox International gives the police thriller Street Kings a big push this weekend with 27 scheduled releases.

The film launched in second place in North America last weekend and lands in Australia, Germany, Russia and South Korea on April 17 followed by the UK, Brail and Mexico on April 18.

Meanwhile Horton Hears A Who has amassed $107.2m and opens in Italy and India on April 18. The horror film Shutter opens in seven smaller territories and stands at $7.7m. Lions For Lambs is set to open in Japan on April 18.

Paramount's children's film The Spiderwick Chronicles has grossed $68.5m to date and should ease through the $70m threshold through PPI this weekend with launches in France on April 16, followed by China and India on April 18.

Horror title The Ruins opens in five including Russia on Apr 17 and Spain on Apr 18 and is in the early days of release.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's card counting drama 21 stands at $10.5m and arrives in Russia on April 17, followed by Italy and Brazil a day later.

Universal will release the German comedy Fleisch Ist Mein Gemuese in Germany through UPI on April 17.

The US comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall is set to open day-and-date with North America in Australia on April 17 is expected to compete strongly. The romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe goes out in Mexico on April 18 and stands at $16m.

Warner Bros Pictures International's 10,000 BC has amassed $159.7m, The Bucket List stands at $61.8m and Sweeney Todd hovers tantalisingly close to the $100m threshold on $98.7m.