Universal's musical adaptation Mamma Mia! led the international pack at the weekend and is nearing $300m following an estimated $15m haul through UPI from 3,493 sites in 39 territories that raised the tally to $280.1m.

Mamma Mia! overtook The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian to become the fifth biggest grossing international release of the year with 16 territories still to go. South Korea dominated the story as the film launched at number two on $5.5m from 370, an excellent result that delivered the biggest musical debut of all time. Local title Divine Weapon opened top.

In its ninth weekend in the UK the musical was in a two-horse race for second place with Pathe's The Duchess behind Warner Bros' RocknRolla after $2.5m from 460 sites raised the running total to $112.1m. Mamma Mia! is expected to overtake The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers on Monday to become the fifth biggest release of all.

Latest figures put Germany on $1.3m from 580 for $32.4m after eight weekends, Spain on $1.1m from 350 for $14.1m after five and Australia on $485,000 from 275 for $27.8m after nine.

The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor added $11.6m from 5,265 in 56 territories for $255.4m, powered by an outstanding $7.9m launch in China in 1,158 venues for Universal's biggest ever launch. In its fourth weekend in Japan the adventure romp held firm in second place in Japan through Toho Towa on $723,000 from 325 for $18.7m. There are four more territories to go starting with Australia and New Zealand this week, Italy on September 26 and Greece on October 9.

Wanted added $6.5m from 1,802 in 32 territories for $146.8m, inspired by a $3.2m debut in Germany from 446 that is neck-and-neck with The Dark Knight for the number one spot. It opened top in Austria on $480,000 from 92 and in German-speaking Switzerland on $486,000 and Colombia on $199,000. There are eight territories to go including Japan on September 20 and China on October 9.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army grossed $5m from 1,825 in 22 territories for $48.1m fired up by an $840,000 number one Brazilian launched from 198 sites. The fantasy sequel ranked eighth in the UK in its third weekend after $875,000 from 373 raised the tally to $12.6m. It stands at $5.1m in Spain after two weekends and $2.8m in Australia where it ranks second after two. There are 30 territories to go.

The Strangers grossed $1.4m from 371 in three Universal territories for a $6.9m running total and ranks sixth in the UK after $750,000 from 277 elevated the cumulative total to $5.1m. The horror film opened in New Zealand on $32,000 from 26 venues. Nim's Island opened in fourth place in Spain on $1.2m from 275 venues and has taken $22.6m from ten Universal territories.

Warner Bros Pictures International's The Dark Knight grossed $11.8m from more than 5,100 screens in 62 territories for $437.2m and was tied with Wanted for first place in its third weekend in Germany following a $3.2m four-day result from 953 screens. It held steady at the top in for its fourth weekend in a row in France as $1.9m from 784 raised the total to $23.8m.

Guy Ritchie's gangster film RocknRolla playing in Toronto opened top in the UK on $2.9m from 362 locations. Star Wars: The Clone Wars added $2.2m from more than 3,300 screens for $26m and launched in South Korea on $242,000 from 186. Get Smart added $2.1m from 1,140 screens in 42 territories for $91m and opened top in Belgium on $383,000 from 50 including previews

DreamWorks-Paramount's Kung Fu Panda added $6.3m through PPI from 2,922 locations in 64 territories and at $397m is days away from crossing $400m. The animated hit held on to the top spot in its third weekend in Italy as $4.6m from 478 raised the cumulative tally to $16m.

Tropic Thunder took its tally to $18m thanks to a $2.6m haul from 832 sites in 16 territories. The comedy launched in five territories including Argentina, where it grossed $331,000 from 46 locations. It held on to the number one spot in Australia for the third successive weekend as $1m from 218 boosted the total to $6.7m.

Wall-E grossed $6.2m through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from 2,876 screens 30 markets pushed the tally to $184.5m.

There were two number one launches in Sweden and Finland on $757,000 and $370,000, respectively. Executives said the key driver was France where $1.1m in the seventh weekend ranked third on $15.2m. The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian is winding down and added $1m from 1,835 in 20 for $275.1m.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan added $5.4m from 2,185 screens in 37 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International to $78.3m, fired up by a $570,000 number one debut in Greece on 60 that produced Adam Sandler's biggest career launch in the territory.

Hancock added $3.9m from 1,110 screens in 37 for $362.6m and held on to second place in its second weekend in Japan, where $3.5m from 454 raised the tally to $15.9m. Step Brothers added $2.4m from 550 in four for $7.6m.

Babylon AD added $2.3m from 875 screens in 12 Fox International territories for $4.4m following second place launches in Mexico on $842,194 from 300 and the Philippines on $231,882 from 64. The sci-fi thriller added $287,377 from 279 in its second weekend in the UK for $1.9m.

Meet Dave added $542,9008 from 700 screens in 21 territories for $31.4m and the kidnapping thriller Taken grossed $1.6m from 1,037 in six including a $189,949 launch in New Zealand on 34 and has amassed $16.4m through Fox International territories.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe launched in third place in Italy on $1m from 355 and opened top in Bolivia on $13,793 from five. Overall the sci-fi mystery added $1.3m from 889 in 23 for $42.2m. Romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas stands at $138m. Comedy The Rocker opened in Russia on $92,340 from 158 screens and is in the early stages of release on $218,672.