UK producer Sam Tromans and sales executive Simon Barnes, formerly of Park Entertainment, have launched new sales/production/finance company STS, which is at the EFM selling Wild Bill.

Tromans produced Dexter Fletcher’s directorial debut, already a festival hit in San Sebastian and London, which will be launched by Universal in the UK. Other territories are under negotiation.

The biggest project on the STS slate will be Rammensky (working title), an art heist tale based on three true stories of World War 2. The treatment is out now to potential writers and various partners and the project is likely to shoot in Italy in 2013 with a budget of at least $39m.

The London-based company will also back Andy Serkis to direct his own passion project, a period love story described as “The English Patient up a mountain.” “It’s a fantastic script with a great female role,” Tromans says. She is working on the film with Serkis and his partner in Imaginarium, Jonathan Cavendish.

Shooting later this year will be STS’ revenge drama to star mixed martial arts experts Alex Reid.

Tromans is also talking to a major partner for Diet Hard, a romantic comedy about dieting that will be a feature film followed by a TV series.

The producer is also keen to work with Fletcher again.

Tromans has worked in recent years raising finance and executive producing (including projects such as Menhaj Huda’s Everywhere and Nowhere) and she notes: “I have a network of investors who I can go to.” She added: “having Simon on the sales front and me on the financing ffront, that’s something that appeals to most producers.” The pair met when she executive produced TV series K9, which Barnes produced.

He added: “The way we want to work is to do a few films and year and do them very targeted.”