Sadie Frost

Source: Eddy Massarella

Sadie Frost in Cannes

UK outfit Studio Soho Distribution has launched pre-sales on two new features at the Cannes film market.

Sadie Frost is attached to direct Twiggy, a documentary about the iconic British model of the 1960s who went on to win two Golden Globes for her performance in Ken Russell’s 1971 film The Boy Friend.

Studio Soho is also selling dark comedy Classic, to be co-directed by Tony Pitts and Sally Phillips. Set on the North Yorkshire coast, the film follows a group of classic car enthusiasts.

Production is set to start in the fourth quarter of 2022, based on a script by Funny Cow writer Pitts, who is making his directorial debut.

The producers are Katherine Kelly, Ronni Ancona and Film Soho’s Nick Hamson for Captain Dolly, Soho Talent and Make Me Films. Pitts, Phillips, Kelly and Ancona have all worked primarily as actors and will appear in the film.  

Both films will be partly shoot at virtual production facility V-Studios, part of the Film Soho group of which Studio Soho Distribution is the UK sales and distribution arm. Lucy Savage is head of sales and acquisitions.

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